Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mexico City

Hola! This week has gone by so fast! There is so much I want to say and so little time. First off, today my district got to visit the visitor's center at the Mexico City Temple. Sadly the temple is closed until next May or something. Anyways, we took two buses to get there, it was about an hour ride. The city itself is absolutely crazy! I took a ton of pictures and am hoping to sneak them onto dropbox soon. The drivers are insane, the city has a hundred different smells and most of them are of sewage, the people are really friendly, and everything is packed. 

My spanish is coming along slowly but surely. Everyone says that we pick it up very quickly, and I guess we are, but it's still frustrating when you can't fully understand an investigator or explain the gospel to them. I do know how to pray, bare my testimony, and speak on most gospel doctrines though. 

I did receive my debit card and sd card from Tanner. Thanks again for sending them. My sd card can hold over three thousand pictures, so I should be good for a while. I did thank Tanner as well. I also told him that the first week sucks, but it gets so so much better after that. 

This last week we sent out about eighty missionaries I think, and will get about a hundred to two hundred more. It is getting so packed here, especially in the lunchroom. 

I can't remember everything I've already said in past emails, so sorry if I repeat some things. Since I got here I have participated in eight blessings now, I think. They are really cool to do because I feel the power of the priesthood as I stand in that circle as the savior. Elder Glover has also given some REALLY cool blessings! We are all placing bets on his future callings. He is pretty much the dad in our district even though he is only a year older than us. 

I feel like there is more I wanted to say, but hopefully I can throw it with my letters to mi harmanas. I hope all is going well at home and that dad is getting better. I think of you guys often, but I also know I need to be here. In fact, we watched a video at the visitors center about families that brought tears to my eyes. Partly because I miss you all, but mainly because the spirit told me that this is why I am here. The world needs to know that families are forever. The longer I am here the more I feel that life is about to get really hard, for members and nonmembers alike. I pray for my family and I also pray for the families of the world. 

On a side note. In case you don't know, packages do get here pretty reliably, and Dear Elder letters get here every Monday at least. Feel free to send it to the CCM address which I currently do not have and either mark it with Elder Bradford or District 8D, or both would be great. 

Elder Bradford

Spencer with his companion Elder Wagstaff at the Mexico temple and visitor's center

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