Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Uno Mas

This week seemed to go by so fast! I only have one more week and then I fly out this Monday around two in the afternoon. It's been a fun week but also very spiritual as well. Oh, before I forget. The mail here is not very reliable. My companion got some letters that were sent about two weeks ago. Dear Elder always comes once a week it seems, but if someone wants to send me a letter it would probably be best to wait until I get to Peru, and if someone sent one in the last week or so it probably won't make it to me at all. 

Anyways, I gave my first Priesthood Blessing this week. Technically it was my second, but the first was an anointing and the words were spelled out for me. This one though was one of comfort. My companion randomly came up to me and asked for a blessing so I gave him one. It was a really cool experience feeling thoughts and feelings come to my mind for him. It wasn't the best blessing or smoothest, and I may have called him by his middle name on accident once or twice, or five times, but it was still really powerful. 

I got the package as well, Thank you for that. Mail down here is kinda a big deal, which makes me laugh harder than I really should. 

We also got our travel information as I already mentioned. My whole district will fly out Monday in the afternoon except for the Hermanas, they leave on Wednesday. I also found out that I get to email on Saturday night as well this week. I think it's because we miss a pday as we travel so that's their way of making up for it. 

My Spanish is coming along slowly but surely. I can at least get my point across, though I struggle to understand natives sometimes. Reading the scriptures in Spanish is great though because they are far more simple. Some verses in the Bible though are almost different in meaning in Spanish, it's pretty fun. 

Time for my funny story of the week. One of our teachers starting talking about the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel earlier this week and started "paraphrasing" a talk by Joseph F Smith about them. In the talk that we "can't read because it is not in the missionary library", he supposedly says that the ten tribes are in the North, far, far north. It turns out that they were lead to the North pole were there is this tunnel that runs through the center of the earth and out the south pole. We learned that the earth is in fact hollow and the ten tribes are living in the center of the earth at this very moment, waiting to melt the ice caps and come to Zion in the last days, which coming would also flood the deserts of the earth and create one large earthly garden paradise! Needless to say I am doing my own study the topic and would love if you could find that talk by Joseph F Smith or perhaps just Joseph Smith Jr. 

About my clothing. My shirts are wrinkle free which is muy bien. Pero, my pants are not. So Elder Glover, aka our dad, taught me how to iron them today. Also, I may have to pay for my luggage as you mentioned. Maybe just make sure there is roughly two hundred in my bank account as I heard it could cost either fifty dollars, or $150. No one seems to know down here.
Anyways, life has been pretty much the same here. Well, I'm out of time. Hope all is going well at home. I pray for mi familia every night and love hearing from you. Until Saturday,

Elder Bradford

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