Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Life is going great!

Life here is going great! The first week was easily the worst week. However, I quickly realized that I'm not here for me. I never was. My roommates and I talk a lot about this subject and some of the many thoughts we have shared include the fact that we have been given so, so much and now we have two years to forget ourselves, swallow up our problems, and let the Lord take over. Two years may seem like a long time, and it is, but that's okay. I know that this is where the Lord wants me and He will sustain me. 

The food seems to be getting better, though it is still wrecking havoc on many of our digestive systems. There is also some virus going around the CCM, and it's bad. Two of the Elders in my district got it this week and said it feels like death. I've yet to get it though. I've also yet to find the sd card. I think what happened was that I was planning on using the one in my phone to begin with and only packed the other part to the card. 

Sundays here are by far my best day. The entire sacrament meeting is in spanish and they will randomly call on elders to give talks, right after the actual sacrament. Yeah, they expect us to prepare a new talk each Sunday. It reminds me of the Hunger Games really, it adds a certain amount of excitement mixed with pure torment. The District Presidency really seems to enjoy it. After sacrament thought, they show us a devotional and then a movie afterwards. It's pretty sweet. We watched The Mountain of the Lord, or something like that. It's about the building of the Salt Lake Temple and is incredible. I think I may have seen it before, but it was worth watching again. It's been pretty interesting so far.

 I believe that I am now up to five or six blessings, none for myself. I have stood in the circle for all of them and gave one of the them. The one I gave was the anointing for Elder Toth in our district, he was one of the Elders who got the virus. So far I have heard from you guys, Sister Trout, Grandma Bradford, and one of my friends. I have yet to hear from Preston or Mckay though, then again I don't have their emails, so there's that. I still get hit by moments of homesickness, but for the most part I'm just looking forward to the day I can leave this compound and head off to PerĂº. It's crazy to think I've been here for two weeks. There is a well known saying here, "the days go by slowly, but the weeks fly by." I really should get going, but I'll try to post pictures later today, and I look forward to hearing from you again.

Your missionary,

Elder Bradford.

Spencer's district in the CCM

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