Tuesday, July 8, 2014


So, as you might have guessed today, Tuesday, is my P-Day and the only day I can email. However, I can receive and write letters throughout the week. you should be able to send letters to the address i sent to you when I first got here. A lot has happened since I got here. I met my compaƱero, Elder Wagstaff, no relation to any Wagstaff's we know. I also saw my friend Jon Cahoon from school here. That was weird. The scenery is mind blowing. There are houses halfway up the mountains, on every mountain. I would send some awesome pictures of it today, but long story. 

The food here is interesting. Real quick, Elder Connolly, another missionary in my district, just read an email from his mom saying that since they no longer have to feed him their family bought a flat screen tv. Back to the food. The workers here believe in "recycling" the food. Basically, yesterday for breakfast they served old chips with a sauce that no one could identify. They get pretty creative, but I refuse to eat it. Instead I go for the american cereal and fruit.

My Spanish is coming along slowly but surely. We started teaching a guy named Guillermo, rumor has it he will be our next teacher. The tough part is that we can only teach him in spanish. Luckily, Elder Wagstaff seems to know what he is saying, so I just nod my head a lot and say si. Already, I have had the opportunity to stand in on four blessings since I got here. Elder Glover, one of the other three missionaries who lives in the same room as I, gave a blessing to Elder Wagstaff, Elder Connelly, and sealed an anointing for Hermano Carlston. Sister Carlston is one of the two sisters in our district. She was feeling horribly sick one day so Elder Nielson, our district leader, and Elder Glover gave her a blessing while the rest of us stood in. 

In other news, they say they have like a hundred missionaries coming in next week and another like two hundred in less than a month. Only about twenty to thirty missionaries are leaving this week. It's about to get packed in here. One last thing, Elder Spencer is the fourth missionary in my room. Elders Glover, Spencer, and Wagstaff are amazing guys. They really helped me to get through these last couple days. Anyways, I can't think of much more to tell you, except I love you and look forward to hearing from you. 

Love, Spencer.

                           Elder Grover, Elder Spencer, Elder Wagstaff and Elder Bradford

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