Monday, August 18, 2014


Wow there is so much I wish I could say and so little time. Please forgive me for the sporadic of this letter. Here we go. I am typing this in a tiny Internet cafe with crappy keyboards. I am also sitting next to Elder Spencer who is in my district. Only one other greenie is in my zone,but i do not know him that well. Peru is definitely different. The food mainly consists of rice and chicken. The members are great here and make the mission endurable. My companion is a native, his name is Elder Bustamante and he speaks very little English. My Spanish is slowly coming, as always. the mission is pretty well in the city though part of my area, a big part, is in the hills/mountains. 

I have come to several conclusions this week. I will most likely come home fat, or be buried here in the mountains somewhere. I will most likely either love rice, or throw up when i see it in the states. I will either have calves of steel, or need knee surgery, actually both of those will probably happen.

Our ward sounds so exciting, yet boring at the same time. I miss everyone, but also recognize that two years is short time in the grand scheme of things. I also heard that Krista got her her mission call to New York New York which is pretty sweet. 

I have two favors to ask. First can you get me Ryans email? and second, can you get me Cameron email? It doesn{t have to be soon, but i feel like i need to reply to the letter he sent me in the CCM.

So, the Jones. They are a missionary couple serving at the CCM who pretty well run everything. He actually wrote most of the new Follow Me curriculum actually. Anyways, they are super nice and my companion at the CCM, Elder Wagstaff quickly made friends with them. And so, we did too. They were the ones who made us ushers, brought us cookies, made us hosts when we asked and simply took us in as their children. Side note-our teacher brought us authentic Mexican tacos the night we left, they were so good.

My apartment here is pretty nice. the shower actually has hot water which blew my mind. Other houses in my area are really interesting. the outside looks like brick and rock and random materials, but the inside usually has a flat screen HG tv. HG is really big here. The members seem to be better off than others. the churches are really nice as well. 

Sadly, I left my camera in my casa, so no pictures this week. Our pday today consisted of football with our zona, breakfast, watching Brother Bear, and now writing. I think the plan is to finish writing, more football, and maybe pizza. 

Anyways, I love hearing from you guys and look forward to next week. Until then, God be with you.

Elder Bradford

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