Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Elder Whitlock

I understand that you want more details, but it's slightly difficult. I haven't really had an average day. However, I believe that an average day consists of getting up at 6.30, study until three, mas o menas. We teach many lessons and my body sure does feel it. I am in a ward, and the members are fantastic here! I actually gave a talk in sacrament this last sunday. I wrote out about half of it but then ditched my paper and spoke what little I could say in espaƱol. The ward members always feed us lunch, and this really nice sister usually feeds us breakfast. Another sister usually feeds us dinner if we have time for it. 

I love my zone and district. Elder Whitlock, one of the zone leaders is a great guy, but he has spoken solely spanish for so long that now he has a really hard time speaking english.
I will try to write about my investigadores more, pero it is difficult because I am not quite sure what is going on with them. Obviously, my spanish is still muy small and now I struggle to not speak spanglish. The ward mission leader though is impressed with my spanish ahora. He says that in two months I should be fluent, mas o manos. 

Peru is cold, it is winter after all. My bed is kinda short for me but the blankets are so so warm. I want to bring them home with me. The area I am in is a desert and there is very little green. It 'mists' here. We go to bed and everything is dry, but we wake up and it is wet. 

I'm not sure what more to say. Life is good here. I have learned to rely on the savior a lot here and have developed a new love for the scriptures. I hope all is going well at home and will write next week.

Elder Bradford

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