Monday, September 1, 2014


So, I guess I have been out for almost two months now, weird. This week we went to an amusement park for P-Day, last Monday. It was odd, but the missionaries in my zone really seemed to like it. Later in the week my companion got really sick with a fever and sore throat and all. And then so did I. I never got a fever, but I currently have a runny nose and a slightly sore throat. 

We have been on multiple splits this week which were hard at first because I had no idea what to do, but I quickly discovered that I really like splits. They force me to be a senior companion. During one of our splits, my companion claims he found a less active member that is a prostitute. I´m not sure if she is or not, but we are now teaching her anyways. She is always really happy to see us and I love teaching her because she is very sweet. 

We have many other investigators and less active members that we teach. This week, we taught Nancy, Jenny, the family Osco, Fam. Blas, oh and Victor. and others. But Victor is awesome. He was actually a contact I had on one of my splits. We have taught him three times now and he already has a testimony of Joseph Smith and has accepted our invitation to be baptized. Oh, cool story about baptism, well I´ll tell you later. 

Now answer time. My apartment has four rooms and comparatively, is very nice. It has a bathroom with a shower corner. Our shower does not have a curtain but does have a water heater on the shower head. The water starts warm and then nine times out of ten becomes scolding hot. We only really have fruit fly's and no other critters. We have a kitchen, somewhat. It has a sink and a mini fridge. We have a small bedroom and a study room. I have multiple pictures, but I can only upload a few pictures each week to dropbox. 

I do study my scriptures in Spanish. I actually put everything English in my suitcase for now, including my Jesus the Christ. That was hard because I got to chapter nine and I love that book. I told myself that after my training, when I somewhat know Spanish, then I will go back to reading it. And I do love the Spanish hymns, but miss being able to sing in English.

Hey, so I totally forgot. Krista got her mission call to New York, New York Spanish speaking. I mentioned it earlier, is that Grandma and Grandpa´s mission? or are they in a different New York mission¿ Anyways, she leaves December 17 I think for the Provo MTC. Which is a weird thought, because by then I will be a quarter of the way done with my mission, but she will still beat me home by a few weeks. 

Well, I hope all is going well at home. Oh, I almost forgot, my cool story about baptism. I baptized my first investigator Saturday! His name is Angel Segundo Rivas Bonilla. He is about fourteen I think and way cool. I only had to do it once, which was a miracle, because the water was freezing! Yep, that was my week. I can´t wait to hear your next round of emails. 

Elder Bradford

                                        Spencer's first Baptism-Angel Segundo Rivas Bonilla

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