Monday, April 11, 2016

¿Por que? No se.

So, I don´t have a lot of time right now. Surprise! 

First of all, congrats to Megan and Ben! Still don´t know Ben, but congrats! I am so happy for you Megan and wish you the best en everything.

Second of all, Canto Grande is really getting up and rolling. It looks like we will come very close to reaching our goals, but if not, we will at least see some progression from the last month to this month. I am so grateful for the time I have to be here!

Third, we had a sweet movie night actividad with the investigatores of the zone this Saturday. (Peru had elections for president and so the country canceled all public meetings on Sunday, including Sunday services.) So we watched Meet the Mormons to help get, or keep, everyone in the habit of coming to the church every week. We had a great turn out of members, less actives, converts, and investigatores! We had an awesome family come, Hilda, her son cristian, and her granddaughter Xierra. And the movie is super sweet as well. 

So, I really started thinking about why do bad things, or sometimes just unexpected changes, happen? It is actually one of the most commonly asked questions that I have recieved as a missionary. My answer- I don´t know. I do know that God has a plan for His children, and that this life is to have joy and prepare us to return to His presence. I know that He actively works for our happiness and eternal salvacion. To obtain both we need to pass through a refiners fire. How can we ever appreciate true happiness if we have never felt a twinge of sadness? And how great will be the eternal joy when we leave behind a world of pain and grief! I don´t claim to have a perfect understanding of God´s dealings with man, but I trust in Him who knows all things from the beginning and who feels an infinite love for every one of His children. God loves us, Christ lives, and this is His true gospel restored to the earth. 

Elder Bradford

PS No hay fotos de esta semana, lo siento.

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