Monday, July 6, 2015

One year down

So apparently it was the fourth of July sometime this week. All I know is that this week was a lot of hard work, some fun mixed into it all, and we finished with a baptism. 

This week marked our one year mark so naturally we planned our visit with San Agustin for the 2nd of July. It was so great to be with Elder Aoki, he is finishing his mission this month and we talked about post mission life with him. But we also found a great little taco place in his area called Taco Dels. The best part of the visit though were the people that we found. We had some free time between appointments and we knocked doors hard. My testimony really grew that day of how many prepared people the Lord will put in your way when you are willing to put in some extra time and work. 

This Saturday I actually got to go swimming! We had a the baptism of Diego, a 9 year old who did not get baptized before due to fear of cold water. We filled the font up nice and full with warm water, and got in. He did not want to go backwards so we tried kneeling. He could not quite understand the concept and we ended up trying about six times. After every try I knelt down in the font, it was so nice, and tried explaining to him again. I tried going down with him, but in the end I just had to force him under. I thought he would be traumatized, but he was so happy when he came back up. He asked me, was that one good!? I just said yes and then he just wanted to stay in there and swim some more. It was a great baptism!

Well, I am short on time, but have fun at the beach, and stay safe! 

Elder Bradford

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