Monday, June 22, 2015

Templo de Trujillo

Wow, this week was one of the greatest weeks of the transfer! We went to the center of Lima Wednesday as a zone and had a blast seeing museums, buying souvenirs, eating at McDonalds, and just taking lots of pics! Thursday I had a great visit with Elder Ushiñahua in my district and getting to know some of his investigators. We ended the week watching a cultural event Saturday, via satellite, and the dedication of the Temple of Trujillo Sunday! Elder Bednar came with President Uchtdorf and Presidente Uchtdorf actually knows a little Spanish, enough that he thanked everyone in Spanish. 

Things are starting to cool down here, though the work rolls forth as always. Even though we got almost two days worth of time cut from us we still managed to meet our goals of the week. It has really been a testimony builder of how nothing can slow down the work of the Lord!

During the week we had a really cool lesson with Freddy, one of our less actives that wants to come back strong. We have been teaching him for a while now, but just barely my companion asked for his full life story, and he gave it to us. We knew he was a former Jehovah Witness, but I never realized how high up he got! He had everything before! A fiancee, a well paying job, a ton of respect from his church community, and a bright future all around. Well, a couple of decades ago, some gringo missionary's found him and taught him in English, he doesn't know English but they did not know Spanish. He was already looking around for something more from God and he pretty well got baptized after being with the missionaries almost every day for a couple weeks. After his baptism, he had to renounce his old religion and lost everything. His girlfriend, his job in the church, any influence or respect that he then had, and everyone who knew him had to renounce him as well, meaning he lost every friend he had. Well, he went strong for a long time, had callings in the church and knew the doctrine very well. But his mom got sick and he had to stay home with her Sundays. He went inactive for about six months and then a member introduced us to him the last transfer. He is very humble and hides some of the details, but he gave up everything and has such a strong testimony and feels the Spirit stronger then anyone I have ever met. He asked for a blessing of health as we were leaving and afterwards told us that he felt the Spirit so strong. We are now teaching his brother who is also a Jehovah Witness, but is pretty receptive and similar to Freddy. I have a lot of hope for them both.

I can't believe how fast time is flying! I am so excited to hear where McKay goes and how the beach is- I expect pictures. Have a great week and talk to you all next week! I love you all.

Elder Bradford

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