Monday, June 8, 2015


Well, I have to say sorry for last week. Sometimes they do repairs with LDS Mail and so sometimes we just can't get in for a week. But I'm here now. I feel like a lot has happened here so forgive me if I just hit some bullet points. 

First, we had transfers. I lost Elder Mayta and got Elder Mickelson. Elder Mickelson happened to be from my group and is a gringo and we were in the CCM together and we are now co- district leaders, something that no one has ever heard of before. 

Next, we had the baptism of Josefa, our grandma investigator. It was so great. It started rough when no one showed up to support her. But we finally got some people and her in the water. Right after I finished and they closed the curtains, I was leading her to the door again and she just kept thanking and hugging me. She is so new to the church, but she clearly understands the need of baptism. 

This week Elder Mickelson and I have been playing around with being co-district leaders. Something that has never happened before. Some people are saying it is prepare us to be Zone Leaders, but I prefer to think that it has something to do with the lack of missionaries in the mission. 

We also had a really strong lesson with one of our converts. He is blind and can't hear well. During the lesson he told us how he has been waiting for some miracle to happen. The quote that I will always remember is when he said,"It sucks being blind, no one wants to be blind. But it is okay, I know that one day I will see my Savior's face."  He doesn't understand a lot about the church or gospel in general, but he knows the big picture. 

Well, to answer the big question. We lost the tournament. we got third place. And I got some pictures with some old friends from earlier in the mission. I will see if I can send them somehow. 

Take care and have a great week. I love you all
Elder Bradford

Josefa's baptism

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