Monday, June 13, 2016

El Ultimo - Adios

Well, this is my last letter. What a strange sentence. After two years it is finally coming to an end. I have grown so much in this two years and I feel sad to leave, but excited to see you all again. 

This week we had a visit from Elder Rasband. I woke up at 2:10 to wake the zone up and then went back to bed until 3 to shower. We left our little neighborhood of San Juan around 5 to get to Los Olivos around 7 to shake his hand. He spoke about the talk he gave in Conference a while back, The Divine Call of a Missionary. It was worth getting up a little early. 

I also just recieved an amazing miracle this morning. The zone leaders of Comas called me to tell me that Josefa, my peruvian grandma, is going to go through the temple this thursday to get her endowments and get sealed. I thought she was going to do it next month. Also, I just went last week with my companions, BUT through a grand miracle, I am now going Thursday to the temple with another missionary who was going to go wednesday but his companion doesn´t want to. It has all worked out so perfectly that I know God had this all planned out before the world was. I cannot wait to tell you all in person how the temple goes. Oh, Josefa also wants me to stand in for her dead husband. The temple has said that missionaries cannot particapate as spouses- but they can as children. I am praying that the Lord will allow an exception. 

I cannot believe that two years have come and gone. I testify that I have been a servant of God and a representative of His son Jesus Christ during these two years. I testify that this is Christ´s true and only Gospel- restored on the earth. Jesus is the Christ, that I know. The Book of Mormon testifies of Him, and I do too. 

Elder Bradford

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  1. That is so neat that Elder Bradford is the one who taught Josefa. My Elder was able to be a witness at this very special sealing in the temple. So grateful it all came full circle.